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The Reason Ketchup Is Added To Meatloaf
Whether you add ketchup to the meat blend or use it as a spread on top, meatloaf and ketchup go together. While there were many versions of this recipe made from leftovers and odds and ends, the recipe for the type of meatloaf we know today was first published in the 1870s, with breadcrumbs, eggs, and ground meat. But one ingredient that makes it more special is ketchup.
A good-tasting meatloaf must have ketchup to balance the flavors, while other ingredients such as breadcrumbs can be switched out (breadcrumbs for biscuits, etc.). Having a ketchup glaze on top of the meatloaf caramelizes the mixture when it bakes and takes on a smooth texture.
The glaze also contains red wine vinegar and brown sugar, and some substitute Worcestershire sauce for the red wine vinegar. For those who are not in favor of the red condiment, BBQ sauce is a suitable replacement for glazing while brown sugar, white sugar, or maple syrup can be used for the meat mixture.