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The Reason Julia Child Always Used Copper Pots And Pans
One of the most notable kitchen staples for Julia Child was her copper pots and pans beautifully dressing the sets of her TV shows. While many think the copper was an aesthetic decision to make her cooking look elegant, there was a much more important reason Child chose copper.
As Sylvie Giret, managing director at de Buyer North America, points out, "Copper is great for its rapid heat conductivity and even distribution throughout the whole pan, which leads to faster and more efficient cooking," making it a "must-have for delicate dishes requiring controlled temperatures."
In her cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," Julia Child advised shoppers to beware of attempts to pass off inauthentic copper pots and pans. "A great many tourist or decorative types are currently sold; these are thin and glittering, and have shiny brass handles," she wrote.