A glass of whisky
The Reason India Consumes So Much Whisky
India drinks almost half of the world’s supply of whisky, imported or otherwise, which is impressive considering the majority of the population doesn’t drink alcohol.
They also have their own rendition called Indian whisky, which incorporates molasses into the distillation base, often mixed with classic versions of the grain-based booze.
In addition to flavor, there's a historical angle to the spirit's popularity. It caught on in the early 20th century after being shared between British officers and Indian elites.
With the rise of Bollywood, whisky drinking appeared on the big screen. Towards the end of the 20th century, demand grew enough for homegrown whisky distilleries to take off.
Production made the spirit accessible and affordable. Today, consumption is widespread, and the bond between Indians and their sweeter whisky shows no signs of diminishing.