Ina Garten standing in a kitchen and smiling
The Reason Ina Garten Doesn't Like Making Fancy Meals At Home
When celebrity chef Ina Garten drafts the menu for her dinner parties or meal plans for the week, she doesn’t make fancy dishes, and she told Food & Wine why.
Garten revealed, “I love to order them in restaurants. [But] if I spent two days making dinner for my guests, and they eat it in two hours, they can't [...] appreciate it enough.”
When Garten cooks at home, she likes “to make really simple, absolutely delicious food that takes a couple hours to make, and I'm not crying and exhausted and sweating.”
If you can't make a dish easily at home, Garten says to go enjoy the dish at a restaurant. If you'd rather not go out, your guests will enjoy a simple meal that you can cook.