The roast chicken with celeriac, leek and porcini mushroom served at the new Quince restaurant in San Francisco, Calif. Quince has moved into the old Myth space. (Photo By Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
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The Reason Ina Garten Almost Always Cooks Chicken With The Skin On
Chicken is versatile and can be added to many delicious dishes, but should you leave the skin on or remove it before cooking? For "Barefoot Contessa" host Ina Garten, it is best to keep the chicken skin on.
Food & Wine recommends keeping the skin on chicken for the juiciest meat, regardless of the cut, and Garten agrees. Garten says that she finds it makes the meat much more tender and moist, adding, "Even if you're going to remove the skin after cooking, I recommend you roast the chicken skin-on and then remove the skin."
The FDA recommends cooking chicken to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. When overcooked, chicken becomes dry and chewy, and it can cause severe illness when undercooked.