Ina Garten at an event
The Reason Ina Garten Adds Citrus To Roast Chicken Right Before Serving
Adding lemon or lime juice to a dish while it's still cooking can sometimes yield lackluster results. Ina Garten knows just when to add citrus to dishes like her roast chicken.
In Garten’s Skillet-Roasted Lemon Chicken, she squeezes a lemon over the chicken after it’s done cooking. This is the only way to capture the fresh, bright tang of lemon.
This technique ensures that the full flavor of the citrus is present, rather than turning bitter or dull, which can happen when the juice is cooked for too long.
This isn't to say that citrus shouldn't be used at other times. It can be added to a dish early on, such as in marinades, to create a deeper zesty flavor and tenderize meats.