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The Reason Gordon Ramsay Freezes His Chiles
Master chef and television entertainer Gordon Ramsey has told People about his unconventional way of storing chile peppers: he stashes them in the freezer to minimize the effort required to grate them for dishes. Both Ramsay's method of storage and method of preparation for these peppers have a lot of culinary merit.
Grating chiles as you would with garlic is the easiest and quickest way to get uniform shavings without having to handle the peppers for too long. Ramsay's freezing tip makes it even faster to grate chiles, so if you've ever spent a long time slicing hot peppers and accidentally touched your eyes, storing your chiles this way can help you avoid all that pain.
World of Chilies recommends freezing fresh chiles in a dry container or bag to preserve them, and when handling peppers, always wear latex gloves. When handled correctly, chile peppers are not only a delicious addition to any recipe, but they can prevent heart disease, promote weight loss, and contain more vitamin C per serving than oranges.