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The Reason Gordon Ramsay Cuts Green Peppers Upside Down
Bell peppers are packed with vitamins and minerals and make the perfect addition to casseroles, soups, spreads, and salads. Cutting peppers the right way can be tricky, but "Hell's Kitchen" star Gordon Ramsay suggests cutting the peppers upside down.
In a YouTube video, the famous chef is seen removing the stalk with a knife, then positioning the pepper facing downward, and slicing it downward, all the way around the pepper and the seeds. After tossing the seeds, he flattens each piece of the pepper, places the pepper skin side down, and swiftly juliennes each section into strips.
The "MasterChef" host says this method is twice as quick as traditional slicing and isn't as messy. Serious Eats agrees, adding that cutting with the skin side facing down prevents crushing the vegetable's flesh.