David Chang portrait
The Reason David Chang Would Rather Cook With Frozen Lobster Tails
David Chang isn’t afraid to go against the grain. While most chefs might tell home cooks to always buy lobster fresh, the Momofuku founder prefers frozen lobster tails.
Chang’s reasoning has to do with the ease of de-shelling the lobster. “It's easy to crack when they're frozen and they defrost because of the expansion of the water,” he says.
Because lobster tails and claws can be quickly frozen, they also pose less risk of food poisoning from vibrio bacteria, which the CDC says may be present in undercooked seafood.
To avoid a mushy texture when buying frozen lobster, Chang says to look for bigger tails. In an even more surprising twist, the chef also likes to cook it in the microwave.
Chang explained, “When you think about the science of the microwave effectively as a steamer, it’s a wonderful way of cooking shellfish.”
Before you microwave lobster tails, be sure to change the power level of your device. Chang seasons the tails and cooks them in a lidded glass bowl for five minutes at 50% power.