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The Reason Butter On The East Coast Is Different From The West Coast
There are a lot of differences between the East and West coasts, from accents and styles to even butter. It turns out that the butter on the West coast along the Rocky Mountain range comes in short, squat rectangles, while the butter lining the East Coast comes in long, skinny sticks.
Years ago, butter was sold along the East Coast and Midwest in one-pound chunks, until a dairy in Elgin, Illinois, started to divide it into four individual sticks. In the 1960s, California dairy farmers built their butter molds, which produced the little fat sticks West Coasters are familiar with today.
While the East and West coasts have different butter molds, the only difference is the shape. The butter is pretty much the same, although, to this day, the East and West coasts are divided on this, and neither seems inclined to change.