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The Reason Aromatics Are So Important When Cooking Chicken
Aromatics are herbs, spices, and vegetables used to add flavor to dishes, from onions, carrots, and celery to cumin and cardamom. However, when cooking chicken, aromatics do more than add flavor; they also play a huge role in keeping the meat juicy and moist.
Aromatic vegetables give up their juices to the chicken meat, which is especially useful with whole-bird applications like roasting. To ensure your roast chicken will be flavorful and juicy, stuff your aromatics into the cavity of the bird, where the moisture will release and prevent a dry end product.
Once you know where to place your aromatics, the specific flavors of your chicken are up to you. You might prefer chickpeas, smoked paprika, and kale, or Julia Child’s classic recipe with shallots and onions; with the right method in mind, you can feel free to experiment.