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The Reason Anthony Bourdain Would Avoid Tequila Shots
Anthony Bourdain would test nearly any food or drink — even something in an old Pepsi bottle with particles floating in it. However, he had his limits when it came to tequila.
The food host told Refinery 29 he would always decline tequila shots after a long night of drinking, even if the offer came from a smiling friend.
Bourdain's hesitancy to indulge in late-night tequila had a lot to do with the time of the day and the reality of navigating social interactions around him.
He mused that even if well-intentioned, "No good will come of this." Perhaps those popular tequila shots Bourdain shied away from weren't 100% agave.
Pure agave, plant-based, and premium tequila can prevent you from getting a hard hangover and doesn't have a burning sensation at the finish like silver tequila.