Cola bottle and glass of soda with lemon and straw isolated on a white background
The Reason A Pinch Of Salt Does Wonders For A Soda's Flavor
Sweetness defines most sodas, which is exactly why you should try adding some salt to your drink. It may sound odd, but when used in moderation, salt can improve your soda.

Sodium has been shown to "wake up" glucose receptors on your tongue, making your sense of taste extra receptive to foods and beverages that contain sugar.
Salt can also intensify sour flavors as well as reduce bitter ones. To try salt with soda, put the soda in a glass, mix in a pinch of salt (ideally kosher), and then taste it.
You can keep adding salt until the soda reaches your desired flavor. It’s best to start with no more than a quarter teaspoon and stop before a full teaspoon is reached.
Salt enhances any soda, but a great starting point is cola, since it has sweet and tart flavors as well as subtle caramel notes that are all brought to life by a hint of salt.