The Real Story Behind Netflix's True Crime Documentary Bad Vegan
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Once known as the "Queen of Vegan Cuisine," Sarma Melngailis gained fame as the owner of the trendy NYC raw vegan eatery “Pure Food and Wine.” Melngailis' success was cut short though when she and her husband Anthony Strangis were arrested for allegedly stealing nearly $2 million from her own restaurant.
"Bad Vegan," which was created by “Tiger King’s” Chris Smith, will show how Melngailis went from a successful restaurateur to an accused felon. According to Vanity Fair, the vegan entrepreneur's troubles began when she met Strangis on Twitter in 2011 and secretly married him the next year.
Strangis allegedly resorted to "cult-like techniques," like sleep deprivation and gaslighting. Over time he allegedly became more and more controlling, demanding large sums of money to feed his gambling addiction and support a lavish lifestyle of luxury hotels and expensive watches.
Over time, Melngailis transferred more than $1.6 million dollars to Strangis' bank account, including over $1 million in restaurant funds that should have been used to pay employees, investors, and taxes. These scams and wrong-doings are now part of the twisted true crime tale.