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The Real Reasons Your Homemade Flour Tortillas Aren't Soft
Used for anything from pizza crusts to enchiladas, the tortilla is a beloved kitchen staple made simply with flour, fat, salt, and water. If you grew up in a home that made them fresh, you know how amazing warm tortillas can taste in the morning and for those whose families didn’t pass down techniques, the tortilla-making process may be trickier.
One of the biggest complaints beginners make is that their tortillas are coming out chewy and dry instead of soft and pliable, and this mostly comes down to the type of ingredients you’re using. Aim to use all-purpose flour as it develops more gluten for more flexible tortillas, but bread flour will suffice as a substitute.
Ana Frias, the creator of Muy Delish, advises that if the dough is sticking to your fingers, add a small amount of flour until it stops sticking, but she cautions that adding too much would result in hard tortillas. To prevent overcooking and ensure that your tortillas don't turn out hard, cover them with tin foil once you remove them from the heat.