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The Real Reason Your Breakfast Sandwich Is Bland
Any combination of egg, cheese, and meat on bread is always tasty, so breakfast sandwiches are hard to mess up. However, there are always ways to maximize your enjoyment of even the simplest of foods, so if your homemade breakfast sandwiches are a bit lackluster, we have a simple solution.
Condiments should not be ignored when assembling your breakfast sandwich. They hold your sandwich together, kick blandness to the curb, and there's a condiment for every mood, from spicy dijon mustard and chipotle sauce to earthy pesto and guacamole to sweet maple butter and tomato jam.
Chef Joseph Cuccia's favorite condiment is hollandaise sauce, which turns your breakfast sandwich into "a portable Eggs Benedict" that's just as tasty as a deli sandwich, but made in your kitchen. Many others argue that the ever-popular sriracha is the best option around, but the choice is up to you.