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The Real Reason Starbucks Has Round Tables
Aside from the drinks, pastries, and take-home bags of coffee bean blends, Starbuck shops are also known for their comfortable atmosphere. What you might not know is that Starbucks puts a great deal of thought into the store setup and design, despite how simple and effortless the decor seems, and this philosophy even extends to their tables.
The coffee chain’s high ceilings, warm interior colors, and moderate noise level are all purposely maintained, and CNN reports that Starbucks uses round tables to enhance that homey feeling. Small, round tables don't make parties of one feel awkward or lonely when they sit down, and customers in groups feel like they each have an equal amount of space.
The rigid edges of square tables also denote formal and professional settings, which Starbucks stays away from. While the U.S. Sun notes that small, round tables aren't as comfortable as square ones, this is good news for Starbucks; customers sitting down for shorter durations leads to a higher turn-around rate and more profit.