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The Real Reason Packaged Cold Brew Doesn't Need To Be Refrigerated
Caffeine fans and critics might be surprised to learn that cold brew has a lot of health benefits and is easier on the stomach than hot coffee. As for storage, the namesake "cold" in cold brew might lead fans to believe that the beverage needs to be refrigerated, which is not true.
Most cold brew brands are displayed in the grocery store's refrigerated section, not because they need to be kept cool but to convey the idea of freshness. In actuality, cold brew is made from coffee grounds and water — neither of which is perishable.
Packaged cold brew will keep just fine in the pantry even after opening, but if refrigeration is preferred, it'll keep in the fridge for up to two weeks. If the brew starts to taste a little off, dilute one part of expired cold brew with two parts of water and use those leftovers to water plants.