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The Real Reason Alton Brown Prefers Duke’s Brand Mayonnaise
It's easy to understand why mayonnaise is a staple in Alton Brown's kitchen. This condiment is incredibly versatile for use in recipes like potato salad and coleslaw, and mayo is also Brown's secret for making moist cake and perfectly seared steaks; however, the celeb chef has one brand that he prefers over the others.
Hellmann's may be the easiest mayo to find at the supermarket, but Duke's-brand mayonnaise is Brown’s favorite. Mayonnaise in its most basic form consists of eggs, acid, and oil, but the type of acid you use can really change the flavor, and Brown says that the apple cider vinegar in Duke’s makes all the difference.
Apple cider vinegar adds a certain tanginess that takes center stage because Duke's doesn't include any sugar, a common ingredient in other mayo brands. At the same time, apple cider vinegar is less acidic and more mild than other vinegars, and Brown thinks this versatility makes Duke's the best type of store-bought mayonnaise.