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The Real Difference Between Propane Grills And Gas Grills
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According to barbecue professionals, there is no real difference in the performance capability of propane versus gas grills but there are some key differences. When choosing which type of grill is right for you, keep in mind whichever fuel source will be cheaper and more accessible for you.
In the U.S., 42% of homes were heated by natural gas in 2020 and if your home falls under that category, a gas grill is likely to be the more convenient option as you won’t need to refill or replace a tank. A 20-gallon propane tank on average costs around $35 out the gate, and refilling it costs $3-$4 per gallon.
Natural gas on the other hand costs around $13 per thousand cubic feet (or, per 10.37 therms). One therm is equivalent to 1.1 gallons of propane, which makes gas the slightly cheaper option, but propane tanks can be transported and used anywhere, making them far more convenient.