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The Ratio To Remember When Substituting Aquafaba For Eggs
With more and more people adopting vegan and vegetarian diets, alternatives to animal products are becoming more common in grocery stories. Special egg replacers are quite popular, but simple ingredients like apple sauce, chia seeds, and bananas still make excellent egg substitutes, and so does aquafaba.
Aquafaba, the liquid found inside cans of chickpeas, is one of the best egg replacements around, so long as you get the ratios right. Use 3 tbsp of aquafaba for one egg, 2 tbsp for one egg white, and 1 tbsp for an egg yolk; if you're shaking aquafaba in a cocktail that calls for egg whites, one ounce of aquafaba per egg white is best.
Aquafaba contains similar proteins to those found in eggs and is great at holding air. When beaten with sugar and cream of tartar, aquafaba whips into stable peaks of vegan meringue, and also works as a binder to add light yet stable structure to baked goods such as vegan coffee cakes, waffles, muffins, and pancakes.