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The Quick And Crispy Snack You Can Make With Leftover Pie Dough
Homemade pie crust can be fussy and time-consuming, but a well-made crust literally ties the pie together and can make or break your dessert. However, you'll likely end up with scraps of pie dough that you won't want to waste, given that the dough took so long to make, so put these scraps to good use by turning them into snacks.
Leftover pie crust can be made into small turnovers or cinnamon sugar cookies, but pie crust crackers are also easy to make. Just bring your dough to room temperature, roll it to your desired thickness, and cut it into 1-inch squares, then brush the tops of the crackers with oil, add toppings, and bake until lightly browned.
Food & Wine suggests topping pie crust crackers with salty cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano and whatever dried herbs you have on hand. Another good option is a combo of poppy seeds and salt, but anything you love on a store-bought cracker or other snacks will work, as long as it sounds great when paired with a butter, crispy base.