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The Question You Should Avoid Asking At A Busy Restaurant
When you enter a restaurant, a lot goes into getting you a table, especially in larger places where the dining room is divided up into sections, with each server in charge of a group of tables. If you want to avoid making things more difficult for staff at a restaurant full of diners, don't request a booth instead of a table.
Asking to sit at a booth is usually a reasonable request, but when a restaurant is packed to the brim and the host is harried, you can help them out by accepting whichever seating is available. Of course, if your party has a guest with a mobility limitation that necessitates a booth, or a child who needs a high chair, you should still ask for a booth.
Hosting is often a one-person job, so making the host search for an empty booth that likely isn’t there will just pile on to their heavy workload. If you’d really enjoy a booth, you could call the place an hour ahead so the host can factor you in, but there might be a long wait otherwise, leading to more crowding in the waiting area.