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The Queen's Favorite Chocolate Cake Has An Unexpected Ingredient
Chocolate cake is one of the world’s most popular desserts; it even has its own holiday called “National Chocolate Cake Day,” celebrated in the U.S. every January. In the U.K., the Queen favors chocolate cake above all other teatime treats, and it has one special ingredient that she and many Brits love.
Darren McGrady, The Royal Chef and former personal chef to the Queen, says there is seldom any leftover chocolate cake, and if there is, the Queen travels with it. A specific secret ingredient sets the Queen's favorite treat apart from all other chocolate cakes.
Tea biscuits are staples of any English afternoon tea or high tea, and they're the secret ingredient that makes this chocolate cake the Queen's go-to favorite. To incorporate the biscuits into the cake, they are broken into almond-sized pieces by hand and gently folded into the cake batter, giving a crunchy texture to moist chocolate cake.