Yuchi, Nantou, Taiwan - October 26, 2014: Glass of Starbuck Coffee Frappuccino Blended Beverages served at wood table in starbuck shop in Taiwan.
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The Purity Of Starbucks Dark French Roast Is Being Questioned
Starbucks is facing backlash after claims that they are not accurately representing the ingredients of their Dark French Roast blend. Puroast Coffee Company has filed a legal complaint following lab tests conducted by Dr. Salam A. Ibrahim, which found 13% more potassium in Starbucks’ blend than other competing brands.
However, rather than mentioning the “added” potassium on the package, the grounds continue to be available in grocery stores with arabica coffee beans listed as the sole ingredient. CEO of Puroast Coffee Kerry Sachs shared, “Coffee companies are required to disclose additives, whether it’s a flavoring or some other non-coffee ingredient.”
Besides the loss in customers’ trust, News Observer notes that, if consumed excessively, the high potassium levels found in Starbucks’ blend could cause hyperkalemia, which may lead to serious heart problems. Still, Starbucks stands by its dark roast, with a spokesperson stating that they “do not add potassium to Starbucks Dark French Roast coffee.”