Hummus in a bowl, surrounded by pita chips.
The Pungent Pita Chip Exchange For A Tastier Hummus Experience
Everyone loves a good pita chip and hummus combo, but there's another option out there, one that's debatably even tastier with your hummus dip: raw onion slices.
Onions aren't so different from the other foods commonly dipped into hummus. They deliver a crunchy bite that compliments hummus's light, smooth, and fluffy texture.
Just keep in mind that you have to use the right type of onion. A red onion would be too pungent to eat raw, and a yellow one would be just too sharp.
Hummus calls for one type of onion: the white variety, which carries a hint of tang and is known to be much milder than other onions.
Serve your onion in pita-sized shapes that you can peel slices from to dip in the hummus. The lemony flavor found in hummus offsets any bitter or acidic flavors in a raw onion.
Each bite will be met with a satisfying snap and subtly tart flavor that you won't be able to get enough of, just like your pita chips.