Assortment of mung beans in casseroles on wooden rustic table
The Protein-Rich Bean That Makes A Terrific Vegan Scrambled
Egg Dupe
Popular in India, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, the mung bean is chock full of nutrients, protein, and vitamins, in addition to being versatile in the kitchen.
Beyond soups and salads, mung beans can even be used to make vegan scrambled eggs and omelets. Yellow mung beans make for particularly convincing scrambled "eggs."
To start, soak dried mung beans overnight before adding them to a blender with plant-based milk and seasonings, plus a binding agent like tapioca starch or baking powder.
Blend these ingredients to create a batter with a fluffy consistency like beaten eggs. The mixture will be thin enough to cook in a pan for just a few minutes.
Cook the batter until it forms fluffy curds, then cover the pan and let it steam until you have a flat omelet or scrambled "eggs" with a bouncy, moist, and velvety consistency.
To more closely match the taste and appearance of eggs, try adding garlic or onion powder, nutritional yeast, turmeric, salt, and pepper to the mung bean batter.