Jamaican beef patties
The Protein-Based Difference Between Jamaican And Haitian
Beef Patties
In parts of the Caribbean — specifically Jamaica and Haiti — you'll find flavorful, hearty beef patties. Each island's version takes on characteristics of its respective cuisine.
A Haitian beef patty often uses beef, but it can also employ pork, chicken, and seafood, especially cod. It’s flavored with a mixture of herbs and aromatics like onions and garlic.
The fluffy dough, which nearly resembles a croissant, is typically only flavored with salt. An egg wash finish finalizes the pastry with a golden, crispy crust.
The beef is cooked with aromatics and typically flavored with epis, Haiti's beloved seasoning. While peppers and spices may be used, the dish typically lies on the milder side.
Jamaican beef patties, on the other hand, are richly flavored with spiced kneaded into the dough. Its smooth filling often takes on a bold, spicy, sometimes curried flavor.
The dough is thin and dense, yet flakey. Flavorings like curry powder and turmeric are also rolled into the dough mix,
a quality unique to the
Jamaican pastry.
Beef is the most common filling for these patties. However,
there are versions with other proteins, from seafood to chicken and cheese.