Open can of tuna on white background
The Pros And Cons Of Passing On Canned Seafood For Pouches
Pouched seafood like tuna lets you skip out on draining smelly canned fish into the sink, not to mention pouches take up less space and are easier to bring with you on the go.
Pouched seafood also doesn't leach chemicals from metal cans, but unlike cans, pouches are not recyclable. It can also be hard to find pouched fish caught with humane methods.
The fish from pouches is also drier, since the product doesn't need water or oil added. Pouches also don’t protect the meat as well, so it may end up mushy and broken apart.
Pouches also tend to be more expensive than cans, so the cost per serving of your tuna salad may go up a bit. For some, the convenience and space-saving is still worth it.