White plates with nigiri sushi
The Proper Way To Eat Nigiri Sushi To Make Certain The Fish Stands Out
Nigiri sushi, simple bites of fish on top of rice, is popular in many countries outside Japan, but you may not know that it requires a thoughtful approach when eating it.
Instead of eating nigiri rice-side-down, grab the piece with your chopsticks or fingers and flip it sideways or upside down so the seafood makes contact with your tongue first.
You'll taste the umami and balance of the fat and flesh in the fish before it combines with the sweetness of the rice. Don't hesitate to use your hands, as it's common in Japan.
You should also flip your sushi before dipping pieces in soy sauce. Rice acts as a sponge that soaks up sauce and overwhelms the fish, while the fish itself only soaks up a bit.