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The Problem People Had With Alton Brown's Original Margarita Recipe
Lime juice, tequila, triple sec, and — sometimes — simple syrup are typically considered the fundamental ingredients of the margarita. However, celebrity chef Alton Brown caught flack for omitting one key ingredient that, to many mixologists, makes a margarita the cocktail giant it is: triple sec.
Many bartenders consider triple sec, a clear orange liqueur, an integral building block of the simple margarita. It is alcohol infused with unripe orange peels during maceration, which complements the natural citrus flavors of the lime juice, adding dimensionality to a simple margarita.
Mixologists like to get creative with their mixes, but when it comes to cocktails, changing just one or two ingredients can transform one drink into a different recipe. Regardless of how mixologists spice it up, the essential thing for cocktails like margaritas is that the fundamental ingredients remain present.