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The Pro-Tip You Need To Make Perfect 15-Hour Potatoes
Michelin-trained chef and "potato queen" Poppy O'Toole, who specializes in potato and garlic recipes, transforms peeled and sliced potatoes into a crispy and decadent 15-hour potato recipe by using just four simple ingredients — the concept sounds wild, but with O'Toole's guidance, you can make it, too.
This recipe involves mixing thinly sliced potatoes with sea salt and beef tallow, layering them in a loaf pan, then baking. After a waiting period, place some weights on the potatoes, pop them in the fridge, and wait again. After 15 hours, the potatoes are ready to be sliced into one-inch chunks and fried until golden-brown.
All those hours result in beefy, fatty, and salty potatoes that are ultra-crispy on the outside and decadently rich on the inside. However, O'Toole's biggest tip and warning is that "beef drippings set [become hard] quickly"; therefore, the step with the beef tallow needs to be done fast, or else it can result in uneven taste and texture.