Alton Brown attending an event
The Pricey Olive Oil Brand Alton Brown Chooses To Use
Celebrity chef Alton Brown has a particular fondness for the olive oil produced by Georgia Olive Farms, a brand that originates from his home state of Georgia.
He said (via Food Network), "I'm crazy about Georgia Olive Farms olive oil because it's green, bright, fruity, and from my home state."
According to the company's website, Georgia Olive Farms offers two distinct varieties: the Chef's Blend extra virgin olive oil and the Arbequina extra virgin olive oil.
The brand doesn't come cheap. A 500-milliliter bottle of Chef's Blend is priced at $38, while a two-pack of 250-milliliter bottles of Arbequina costs $43.
While the price might seem steep compared to standard grocery store options, this flavorful, high-quality oil, endorsed by Brown, can significantly enhance your culinary dishes.