Fresh Romain Lettuce isolated on white background.
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The Prep Step You Can't Forget When Grilling Romaine
Lettuce is often eaten raw, so cooking it can seem intimidating, but grilling lettuce is an excellent method that gives the head a softened center and a smoky flavor in the leaves. The first step to a great grilled romaine salad is to thoroughly wash the lettuce to remove dirt and pesticides, but there's another prep step you can’t forget.
Romaine lettuce usually wilts due to a loss of hydration, so any damaged or wilted leaves or edge of leaves should be removed before putting it on the grill. Because romaine is so sensitive to any additional moisture, heat, or dryness, a hot grill will make already-damaged edges deteriorate further and create a soggy mess.
Though it is popular in recipes and restaurants, grilling a whole head of romaine might seem daunting, so you can cut it, if you wish. Either way, grilling your lettuce correctly will give you a barbecued and caramelized veggie that adds body and smokiness to your salads; just remember to trim those brown or floppy edges.