A woman places food in the microwave.
The Preferred Setting If You Absolutely Must Reheat Meat In The Microwave
When you absolutely must use a microwave to reheat your leftover meat, the key is to use a lower power setting on your microwave to retain juices.
This keeps leftover meat more flavorful and tender, even when you have to eat it the next day. Some foods, particularly meat, get tough with a high heat setting.
Enter a cook time and hit the button called "power level" or "cooking power." For microwaves with levels, four or five are likely the ideal setting for reheating meat.
A medium setting (50%) is enough for models that use a percentage. A lower power level allows heat enough time to reach the center of the food without overcooking the outside.
Actual cook time depends on many factors, and USDA guidelines say meat should still reach an internal temperature of 145 F to 165 F, which can be checked using a meat thermometer.
The formula for keeping meat succulent in the microwave is low power for a slightly longer period of time.