Hand holds Pommes Frites fries with mayonnaise outside Friterie food truck, Ieper (Ypres), Flemish Region, Belgium.
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The Potential Reason Belgium Tops Its Frites With Mayo
Despite their name, french fries were actually invented in Belgium, so it’s no surprise that the Belgians know how to dress and serve some mean frites. Belgian frites are pre-cooked, then go back in the oil for a double-fry once an order is placed, giving them a crispy exterior and fluffy interior that is always topped off with mayonnaise.
There are a few theories as to why the Belgians started putting mayo on their fries. Expatica says that the port town of Mahon on the Spanish island of Minorca began putting mayo on their fries sometime after they were liberated from the English by the French, but the towns of Bayonne and Mayon also claim to have started the trend.
The problem with these theories is that these places have nothing to do with Belgium, so perhaps the best explanation comes from a culinary standpoint. Amazing Belgium says that mayo is the country's favored fry condiment because its richness and light acidity complements the fries, while ketchup can make them too soggy and tart.