Closeup of potato salad in bowl on orange towel
The Potato Salad For Salt And Vinegar Chip Lovers
Potato salad is a comforting classic, but if you're looking to shake things up, try combining this dish with another potato-based favorite: salt and vinegar chips.
For a salt-and-vinegar inspired potato salad dressing, all you need is salt, olive oil, and either white wine vinegar or apple cider to keep the flavor profile light and classical.
Boil chopped potatoes until tender, drain and toss them with a mixture of vinegar and salt while they’re still warm to help them absorb the flavor.
About two tablespoons of vinegar per pound of potatoes is a good starting point. To finish, toss your spuds with a generous pour of olive oil and add extra salt if needed.
This dish can be stored for days in the fridge and eaten cold, but like other vinegar-based potato salads, this one is best eaten warm.
Herbs like dill or parsley can be added, or even pickles or red onions for some nice crunch. If you really love salt and vinegar chips, add some crumbled ones to the salad.