Bowl of split pea soup topped with peas, ham and herbs
The Pork-Free, Ham Hock Replacement For Robust Split Pea Soup
Split pea soup typically gets a rich, savory flavor and smoky essence from ham hocks. This pork-free alternative imparts a similar rich flavor for those who don't eat pork.
Smoked turkey meat has a comparable smoky meatiness to ham hocks. Since it's sold as legs or wings, it can be swapped with ham hocks at the appropriate time.
However, since turkey has a lower fat content than ham, you may have to incorporate additional fat sources like olive oil or butter to enhance the soup's richness.
You can also opt for smoked beef or chicken sausage, which can add a smokey element, but you may have to adjust the recipe if the sausages already contain herbs.
Another noteworthy alternative is smoked turkey bacon. Vegetarians can opt for paprika and a fat source, such as vegetable-based butter, to compensate for the richness.