Cheddar Cheese Biscuits close up
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The Popular Seafood Chain That Actually Bakes Its Biscuits In-House
There's nothing better than sitting down at a restaurant and being greeted by a warm basket of bread, perfect for munching on while waiting for the main course. When it comes to bread, rolls, or biscuits, not many restaurants specialize in free, unlimited, homemade ones — but there is one seafood chain in particular that does just that.
Red Lobster’s cheddar bay biscuits have a cult following, which isn't a surprise, sincr the popular chain bakes the famous appetizer in-house. Loaded with cheddar cheese and topped with garlic, nearly 1,000,000 of these tasty biscuits are made daily across all Red Lobster locations, with one employee assigned to bake them at each store.
Making the biscuits in the restaurants involves combining a special mix with water and forming it into balls before baking. Luckily for big fans of these biscuits, they can also be made at home by purchasing one of the many mix varieties offered by Red Lobster itself, including rosemary and garlic parmesan, honey butter, and gluten-free.