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The Polish Soup Alton Brown Learned About From His Mother-In-Law

Food Network personality Alton Brown is a walking encyclopedia of food. On his show, “Good Eats: Reloaded,” he has dissected and revamped everything from a non-traditional tuna salad to green bean casserole, but there’s one recipe Brown learned from his mother-in-law that he dares not mess with.
While the “Good Eats” era has come to an end, fans can still get their dose of Alton Brown content from his YouTube channel, where during a Q&A, he and his wife, Elizabeth Ingram, made a Polish soup called chlodnik. Chlodnik is a chilled, summery version of the popular beet-based soup, borscht, and it’s a staple during Poland’s hot and humid summers.
The pair notes they were first introduced to the dish by Ingram’s other, and follow the photocopied version of her recipe, which calls for cucumber, green apple, sour cream, citric acid, dill, onion, and garlic in addition to the beets. Brown describes the dish as “absolutely delightful,” noting that Ingram’s mother has been making the soup for them for years.