Preparing Easter Lamb Cake
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The Polish Lamb Cake You Should Consider For Your Easter Celebration
Lamb Cake
Polish lamb cake, or beránek, is a lamb-shaped cake made to celebrate Easter, and its shape represents Jesus Christ, the sacrificial “Lamb of God.” The cake resembles a lamb laying on its haunches, with its head turned to the side, and it is decorated with a red ribbon around its neck symbolizing the blood of Christ.
A Polish Tradition
From lamb-shaped butter, chocolate, and candies to roasted lamb, lamb-themed foods are common throughout Europe to celebrate Easter. Poland’s lamb cake is believed to have originated in Germany before gaining popularity in Poland and eventually spreading to other European countries and even America.
Making a Lamb Cake
Traditionally, Polish lamb cake is made from a dense batter, like pound cake, that is poured into a molded metal baking pan that has two halves. However, the mold isn’t necessary, and you can make a beránek with standard pans, using the cake to form the body, and a cake-and-frosting mixture to sculpt the feet, head, and ears.