Delicious ready to serve oven roast potatoes still on oven tray. Garnished with fresh parsley, salt and pepper
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The Polarizing Ingredient You Should Be Using For Roast Potatoes
Professional chefs like to experiment with ingredient substitutions and flavor combinations that may seem strange, but they make for delicious dishes in the end. British chef Simon Shaw and other cooks on platforms like TikTok are currently singing the praises of roasted potatoes seasoned with a love-it-or-hate-it ingredient.
Marmite, a brown spread made of vegetarian yeast extract, is strong, salty, and full of umami, and while its extreme potency isn't for everyone, it's easy to love when used on roast potatoes. Shaw parboils his potatoes in a mixture of Marmite and water, saying this "will present you with deep-golden roasties every time."
You can also add the savory Marmite to your roasted potatoes right as they go into the oven for the same effect, so feel free to try both techniques and see which you prefer. Getting your hands on a bottle of Marmite can be tricky in America and some other countries, since it's most popular in Europe, but plenty of companies sell it online.