Ina Garten standing in a kitchen and smiling
The Plastic Wrap Tool Ina Garten Can't Get Enough Of
While speaking with the New York Times, celebrity chef Ina Garten listed some of her favorite kitchen tools that included the Stretch-Tite Wrap'n Snap 7500.
The Wrap'n Snap 7500 is a specially designed dispenser for plastic wrap that cuts sheets to the perfect size by simply lowering its lid. Garten said, “I use this all the time.”
This device is sleekly designed and keeps its blade inside a plastic casing so it can be kept on a counter, but you could also store it in a cabinet or deep drawer.
It’s designed to use small to medium-sized rolls of Stretch-Tite brand plastic wrap. However, Amazon users report that any roll of plastic wrap that’s 12 inches long will work.
Simply pull the roll out of your chosen brand's box, set it in the machine, get the roll started, and feed it into the machine like a tape dispenser.
The device will allow you to easily unroll the plastic wrap in the exact amount you need until it runs out. As Garten says, “Instead of fighting with that box ... it's just great.”