Pan of pork chops with mushroom gravy
The Pivotal Ingredient For Flavorful Mushroom-Smothered Pork Chops
The silky texture and rich flavor of a creamy gravy are the perfect complement to meaty pork, whether it's a classic onion gravy or our deeply savory mushroom gravy recipe.
A lesser-known ingredient that makes Tasting Table's gravy irresistible is double cream. This kind of dairy cream is thicker than heavy whipping cream for extra richness.
Double cream is most popular in the UK and Europe. Making it involves applying centrifugal force to milk, a vigorous churning process that produces a fattier end product.
It's worth tracking down double cream or making it yourself. It gives your gravy more flavor and also makes it less likely to separate, as its fat keeps the sauce bound together.
Make your own double cream on your stovetop by heating a half gallon of milk over low heat and stirring frequently. Use a slotted spoon to scrape off the fat and reserve it.
Let the fat sit in the fridge overnight, then blend it until smooth. You've now got the ultimate secret weapon for creamy smothered pork chops with savory mushrooms.