Painkiller cocktail in tall glass with pineapple garnish
The Pineapple Juice You Utilize Can Make Or Break Your Painkiller Tiki Drink
The Painkiller is a tiki drink made of one ounce each of creme de coco, orange juice, pineapple juice, and dark rum. The pineapple juice is one part to pay special attention to.
If you use overly sugary or flavorless pineapple juice, it can ruin the taste of the other ingredients, no matter how high-quality they are or how carefully you mix them.
Pure pineapple juice with no additives is the only right choice. When buying bottled juice, check the ingredients list, which should not include water or sweeteners like sugar.
To make a Painkiller, shake all the ingredients with ice, strain, and serve in a glass garnished with a slice of fruit, a decorative leafy herb, or even a dash of nutmeg.
If you want to go the extra mile, blend your own pineapple juice from fresh fruit. The juice not only makes for the most delicious Painkillers, but has tons of other uses.
Fresh pineapple juice can be added to other cocktails, barbecue sauces, tangy salad dressings, meat or fish marinades, and countless desserts and sweets.
Simply blend the flesh of a pineapple, strain it well, and store the juice in your fridge for all your food and drink recipes. Your tiki drinks will be the talk of the town.