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The Perfect Time To Add An Egg To Your Ramen
Instant ramen has become a culinary and cultural giant in the U.S. and its popularity seems to grow more every day, especially at the affordable average price of $0.45 per packet. For many time-starved consumers in need of a fast meal, ramen can't get any better — unless you add an egg for the perfect boost of protein and flavor.
Ramen experts have different opinions as to when you should crack an egg into your pot of noodles. Japanese kitchenware purveyor Apex S.K says the best time to add an egg is two minutes after adding the noodles, while ramen brand Maruchan recommends waiting for four minutes or until your noodles are fully cooked, then adding the egg off the heat.
To combine these various bits of expertise, it's safe to say that you can add an egg to your ramen 2-4 minutes after adding the noodles to the pot, depending on your personal preference. You may prefer a runnier, more gently-cooked egg or a more solid one, so experiment and see which time works the best for you.