Dry-aged Angus rib steak on black surface
The Perfect Spot In The Fridge To Dry Age A Cut Of Meat
There are many ways to tenderize steak, but dry aging produces the tastiest and most tender result. The process is long and tricky, but you can pull it off in your own fridge.
Dry aging exposes beef to air and tenderizes it by activating enzymes that break down molecular bonds. The process requires a few different parameters to succeed.
You should buy a whole steakhouse cut, since it's not possible to age individual steaks. Put the meat on a wire rack positioned near the fridge’s fan for proper air circulation.
You’ll want the refrigerator temperature to be between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest spot will probably be the back of the bottom shelf of your fridge.
Turn the meat several times as it ages, and when it's done, trim off the dry outer layer, cut the meat into steaks, and enjoy. The process should take about two to four weeks.