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The Perfect Milk-To-Coffee Ratio For Your Homemade Cappuccino
If you love coffee, your household may have the equipment to make the drinks that some coffee drinks can only buy at their local café. A cappuccino maker is a device that certainly makes at-home cappuccinos easy, but to make the best possible drink, you'll want to keep the right ingredient ratios in mind.
To make the perfect cappuccino, use a 2:1 ratio of milk to coffee — one-third steamed milk, one-third creamy foam, and one-third espresso — to make your final cup strong, but pleasantly milky. It’s also important to nail your frothing method, since a cappuccino requires a large amount of foam.
While great foam is a basic requirement of a cappuccino, the aforementioned coffee-to-milk ratio is meant as a guide, and preferences are also different in various countries. In Italy, many drinkers use less coffee in their cappuccino, blending one-fifth espresso with two-fifths hot milk and two-fifths foam.