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The Peppery Mix Alton Brown Swaps For Paprika In Deviled Eggs
While classic deviled eggs are charmingly retro and definitely delicious, there are several ways to jazz up your basic recipe. Celebrity chef Alton Brown, who is known for kicking classic recipes up a notch with a few ingenious tweaks, has revealed his way of spicing up simple deviled eggs, instead of using the traditional paprika.
As shown on his program "Good Eats," Brown uses five kinds of peppercorns in his deviled eggs: green, pink, white, black, and another type of green peppercorn that is brined. First, he blends all the peppercorns except the pink ones in a spice grinder, then grates the pink peppercorns on top of the eggs for an extra sharp bite.
In an earlier version of his recipe, Brown used caper liquid in place of the brined green peppercorns. Brown says you can still use the caper liquid instead, if you prefer, but don't try to replace the plain green or pink peppercorns with more black peppercorns, since pink ones are more fruity than black, while green ones are milder.