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The Particular Way Queen Elizabeth Ate Bananas
Given that she was England's reigning monarch for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth's food preferences were well-known in the Buckingham Palace kitchen. Not only did she have a famous hatred for garlic, but Elizabeth was also picky about how she ate fruit, and had a very particular way of eating bananas.
Rather than peeling the banana and holding it while eating, Queen Elizabeth would instead use a fork and knife. She would cut off the bottom of the banana, slice the peel open lengthwise, and then cut the fruit into smaller bite-sized pieces, which she would eat with a fork.
There are many royal family dining rules regarding how to use silverware, but Queen Elizabeth's way of eating bananas had nothing to do with these. As Elizabeth's former personal chef Darren McGrady wrote in his book, the reason was simply that she didn't want to look "like a monkey."